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The One Who Makes Things Work

Hank leads SearchLight’s maintenance division, which we established in 2022. He vets and engages contractors and makes sure that they are well-qualified for the job. A hands-on manager, Hank spends much of his time working on-site at our clients’ properties, which include multifamily buildings, commercial facilities, and single-family homes. On these visits he assesses maintenance needs and schedules repairs, ensuring that they are completed quickly, effectively, on budget, and with minimum disruption to tenants or residents.

Before joining SearchLight, Hank served as an operations and maintenance manager at Sunrise Growers in Santa Maria. His previous positions include plant engineer and maintenance manager for other prominent companies in both California and Tennessee. At one of them -- Knott’s Berry Farm Foods -- he met Michelle Shipman, who just so happens to be our founder and principal broker. A fruitful experience indeed!

Born and raised in Tennessee, Hank earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Memphis State. He still visits the state frequently to hunt and fish – hobbies that he also pursues in Colorado and California. Like Michelle, he’s a dog lover who spends time with the Shipmans’ two labs -- Cocoa (AKA SearchLight’s director of leashing) and Blossom.